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VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) is a cyber diplomacy organization of 120,000 Korean and international members united under the purpose of properly introducing Korea to the world and promoting cultural exchange through international friendships.

VANK was founded in 1999 when one young man began exchanging emails with a pen pal and became shocked to find that his international friends either knew very little about Korea or possessed incorrect information about Korea. This one young man, the founder, began to imagine a future where Koreans could establish sincere relationships with international friends from all over the world. Through these relationships, the global community could gain a holistic and accurate understanding of Korea.

The numerous members of VANK have taken upon roles as cyber diplomats in order to share Korea with the world and rectify international misrepresentations of Korea. VANK cyber diplomats hope to improve the image of Korea in the global society while simultaneously gaining a better understanding of their country and the countries of their international friends. When provided with the right opportunities through VANK, people of all ages and backgrounds are able to act as diplomats of Korea. VANK members are encouraged to realize their personal dreams in the context of their identities as Korean citizens and members of the global community.

Young Koreans become cyber diplomats: VANK has developed and implemented an education program for cyber diplomats. Many young Koreans dream of becoming diplomats. This program teaches them how to interact with foreigners and act as citizen diplomats.

Young Koreans become global PR ambassadors: VANK has developed and implemented an education program for global PR ambassadors. An increasing number of Koreans go abroad for study, travel, or volunteer activities. This program fosters their ability to properly represent and promote Korea to foreigners.

Young Koreans become world changers: VANK has developed and implemented an educational program for future world changers. We hope that young Koreans can contribute to solving global issues, such as poverty and environmental issues. This program develops their ability to make a difference in the world.

These program have been adopted by over 500 student clubs in elementary, middle and high schools nationwide. Some universities grant academic credit for VANK activities. To support their activities, VANK has produced over 100 kinds of promotional materials about Korean history, culture, and tourism. Over a million copies have been sent to more than 150 countries.

Our vision is for Korea to develop into the hub of Asia, the gateway to Northeast Asia, and a loved country that shares friendships and dreams with people for all over the world. Our mission is to help youth improve Korea’s national prestige, play a role in making the world a better place, and realize their own dreams through these efforts.

Inquiries about this site:  dream@prkorea.org

Cheongju Early Printing Museum

Early Printing Museum of Cheongju has been opened since March 17, 2002 at Heungdeok Temple site where the oldest metal type printing, BaekunHwasangChorokBuljoSimcheYojol, was made.

This museum specializes in early printings and advertises that Korean ancestors invented and developed metal printing types. And it is used for educational purposes like delivering ancestors’ great achievement and studying the Korean history of printing culture development. And I promise the Early Printing Museum of Cheongju will establish the status of our ancestors’ printing culture in the world and play an important role by databanking Jikji for human public interest, holding workshops on international registered legacy, and researching with the world-famous printing museums in Germany and China, etc.

Jikji, the oldest existing book printed with metal printing types, was published in Cheongju city in 1377 which was 78 years earlier than German inventor Gutenberg’s printing. Jikji, a worldwide cultural heritage, is currently the France National Library’s collection.

We hope our newly-built Jikji Cyber Museum will help you to understand Jikji and Korea’s early printing culture to contribute to Cheongju city’s cultural development.

Thank you.


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