• I didn’t even know that

    Movable Metal Type Printing Technology was invented in Korea!

  • Jikji was printed in Korea

    in 1377, almost 78 years before the Gutenberg bible was printed.

  • Today, I could learn everything about Jikji. Today is the best day of my life.

    - French professor Benoît Keller -

  • Jikji

    in world history

  • Movable Metal Type Printing Technology,

    the Drive for Historical Change

  • Jikji

    the world's oldest extant book printed with movable metal type

  • Bring Jikji to the world!


Why do we devote this website to Jikji?

Jikji as the world’s oldest extant movable metal type print exemplifies Korea’s advanced culture throughout its history.

Jikji can improve the global perception of Korean history.

Jikji can break Eurocentrism by conveying the history of Asia’s advanced culture.

That is such an interesting fact!

100 million Hallyu(Korean Wave) fans around the world! Foreign Korean Cultural Heritage Ambassadors are astonished by the fact that Korea has invented the very first…

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Korean Cultural Assets Ambassadors who promote Jikji to the world!

One person’s dream changed the World History!

JIKJI which rewrote the history