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As a journalist I think Jikji is my chance to introduce about Korean history to Indonesian

What do you think about Jikji?

I was so amazed when I read the history about Jikji. I think the fact about Jikji is one of Korean history that everyone should know. People who knew about Jikji have to introduce to the world that this is the world’s oldest book printed with movable metal type and bring the new world at that time. Before, I never knew that Korea have this! But after read aboyt Jikji, I think people around the world should know this amazing history. Not Germany, France or England but Korea made it! People should know Korea not only K-Pop or drama but they have interesting history that we should learn as well.


What kind of activities have you participated in telling Jikji to the world?

I’m a Korea fans since early 2000 since Korean Wave in Indonesia through drama. As I know Korea after 20 years, not only want to know about drama or K-Pop but Korean culture and history as well. Because they have so many interesting history and culture that I want to learn. I’m a journalist in Indonesia in the biggest website in Indonesia. I love to write. I read many history from VANK, and one of them that makes me amazed in the fact about Jikji. When I read it, I think people should know about this. I wrote about Jikji as an article and post it to social media, so people would be notice that Jikji does exist in this world. As a journalist I think this is my chance to introduce about Korean history to Indonesian.